Are you thinking of ways to increase brand awareness of your business or company? If so, then leather patches and Embroidered Patches for Hats are a great way to go. But how will you know which type of patch suits your business? Focus on your brand and think about it. If you are meticulous, an Embroidered Patch will work best. If you are down-to-earth, go for a leather patch. It all depends on the message that you want to convey through the hat.  

8 Different & Most Popular Types Of Patches

Types Of Patches


No matter what your business size is, you can easily spread the word about your brand through custom patches. When you make something arresting and unique, you can draw anyone’s attention to your brand. Many world’s famous brands have been using patches for a long time. Consider NASCAR, Pepsi, or Microsoft to get the idea. When people see custom patches on any items, they see your brand wherever they happen to go. So it is excellent advertising that really works.   

There are various types of patches to opt for. Here we have mentioned the eight most popular patches you should be familiar with.    

Embroidery patches are great to choose from if your design or logo is multicolored and highly contrasted. Among all patches in the market today, embroidered patches are the most popular ones. An embroidery patch or cloth badge is a piece of embroidery crafted by using a fabric backing and many threads. 

No way is better than with Embroidered Patches for Hats to make your brand stand out and look professional. You can showcase your company name, logo, or any design you like through custom patches. Over the last few years, embroidery patches have moved from functional to fashionable. Today, they are seen virtually almost everywhere and come in all kinds of styles, designs, sizes, and shapes. 

With a high-quality finish, leather patches have an exceptional look and feel. These patches come in embossed and debossed varieties, which truly make them stand out.

Embossed patches feature raised designs, whereas debossed patches feature recessed designs sunken into the surface of the patches. However, both types of patches are created of top-quality leather that only looks better with time. These patches are available in almost any shape you can imagine, including diamonds, hexagons, square cuts, and rectangular designs. They are elegant, and good-looking and can make your brand or items stand out.

You can put leather patches on Shirts, jackets, hats, backpacks, and many more.  

PU leather patches are crafted by using high-quality leather artificial leather. These patches have a soft, premium look and feel and can be embossed with your design or logo. Patches add sophistication to any kind of item and always look better the older they get. Moreover, PU patches seem to possess an old-school charm. They are arresting, unique, and look nice on all kinds of clothing, bags, and luggage. Like their natural leather counterpart, these patches can also be debossed and embossed. 

To promote your brand, Chenille Patches will be a great choice if your design or logo is not too intricate. Chenille patches are created by using two layers of material. The bottom layer is created from felt which gives the patch a smooth texture.

Due to the two-layer construction, these patches have a fuzzy/fluffy surface. Chenille patches are also called letterman patches. Why? Just because they are the type that is used on high-school letterman jackets. They always looked amazing because of the colorful, big, and bold patches on the front. These patches also come in various sizes and shapes. They can be ideal for your company as long as your design is not too intricate.

PVC Patches strike a good balance between style and durability. Made of soft, long-lasting, plastic material, they are multicolored, nice-looking, and an excellent way to bring your design or logo to life.  

These patches really shine when it comes to durability. They don’t fade, peel, fray, or crack, which makes them perfect for outdoor applications. The material of this patch is made of polyvinyl chloride. It is a plastic that feels like rubber and is preferred for its durability. 

PVC patches are flexible, waterproof, easy to clean, and above all that – stylish! They come in a huge variety of colors and are often used on outdoor gear because of their ability to withstand all kinds of weather, be it very hot or freezing temperature.  

Iron-on patches are a hassle-free way to customize apparel and accessories. They are commonly used on uniforms. You can easily and quickly wear them by using heat. Iron-on patches, unlike embroidery patches that need to be sewn on, feature a layer of plastic backing along with a thin layer of hot adhesive/glue. You don’t need any sewing work to adhere an iron-on patch to something. Just use a cloth iron to quickly adhere the patch where you want it. These patches come in all different types of colors, shapes, and sizes.                  

Woven patches are similar in look to Embroidery Patches. But when you look closer, they don’t have the same raised look as embroidery patches. This is because woven patches are created with thin threads. This kind of thread gives it superlative detail.

If your design or logo is intricate for embroidery patches, it will certainly be perfect for woven patches. The thinner the thread, the more room is available to work. These patches catch the attention too fast. They are chic, and classy and come in a variety of sizes and shapes that look exceptional almost everywhere.   

Printed patches are well-known for promotional caps because they are affordable, easy to create, and have quick-turnaround times. These patches are crafted with the same printing method that is used to make printed T-shirts. Due to their multiple benefits, printed patches are often used for promotional swag. They are offered as prizes for worker incentives.

How To Create Custom Leather Patches For Hats?

Leather Patches For Hats

Leather patches have been around since World War I, and their usage has been more versatile throughout the years. They have made their way into the fashion industry as being one of the most sought-after and stylish designs. These patches not only show professionalism but personality and style as well. You can now make leather patches for hats with the help of a CO2 laser. Here are a few ways to work on leather patches and achieve the best results. 

Step 1: Create The Vector Artwork

Depending on the shape of the patch, set up the Vector Artwork for leather patches. I usually create artwork to maximize the number of patches I can fit on the fabric. I also put engraving artwork on one layer and cutting artwork on a second layer.  

Step 2: Mask The Leather

One of the best tricks is to mask the fabric using low to medium-tack masking tape. This work is for the laser cutting process in order to keep the leather edges as clean as possible. Otherwise, the appearance of leather will look bad.

Step 3: Laser Cut The Patches

Once the material masking has been done, laser cut the distinctive patches first. It is necessary to complete this step while the material has masking on it in order to protect the appearance of leather. 

After cutting the patches, peel away the masking on each patch to make them ready for laser engraving. 

Step 4: Engrave The Patches

Before laser engraving, make sure you lay each leather patch flat on the laser bed. Once all things are flat, start engraving the patches.  

Step 5: Make The Most Of Your Leather Patches

Once the engraving is finished, your leather patches are ready! For the final touch, you can put a leather finish on them if you want to. 

Design Tips – Custom Leather Patches For Hats

Patches For Hats

When dealing with custom Leather Patches for Hats, there are many design tips, and some of them are given below:

With leather patches having different colors, fonts, and sizes, you can achieve nearly everything you aspire to. They are ideal for complex designs with greater detail. Some logos engraved onto a simple shape applique (squares, circles, rectangles, etc) are sewn to the hat, whereas cut and engraved onto a complex shape (irregular shapes) are ironed on the hat. When it comes to leather patch design, your creativity is the only limit.    

Major Benefits Of Custom Leather Patches For Hats

When choosing a patch or design for an item, always search for leather patches because they have more advantages than disadvantages. Although we have listed the major benefits of custom leather patches for hats, you can definitely expect more from them.

Why Custom Leather Patches Are The “IT Patch”?

Leather Patches

While scrolling through TikTok, you have probably heard of “it boy” or “it girl” recently. But have you ever heard of “it patch”? If you don’t know, then an “it girl” is someone that does everything right, and everyone desires to be like her and do whatever she does.

So, if everyone desires to be “it girl”, then an “it patch” is something that all other patches desire to be. “It patches” change along with the trends and styles, but in 2023, the “it patch” is a leather patch that outshines all other custom patches. Custom leather patches for hats are effortlessly cool and also look good on other items. It is both rough and high-end, timeless and trendy. In brief, a leather patch is what everyone needs.   

3 Main Items Leather Patches Commonly Used On

Leather patches can be used on several things but below are the three most common items they are used on.  

Not only popular on the back of jeans but on hats as well. Leather patches for hats are one of the most common selections. These hats are the most sought-after item for companies that want effective promotion. Although custom hats have many designs and styles, nothing can outshine custom leather-patched hats. These patches add a superior-quality style to every kind of item, be it jeans, caps, bags, or even socks. They can be sewn, ironed on, or even velcro. 

Very popular on Military Jackets, but it is no different on trendy denim. Leather-patched jackets give more depth and style. It is very common to use leather patches on jackets. They make the product more durable and last long, just like on a pair of jeans. Depending on your vision and sense of fashion, you can either attach it to the right or left arm or the right or left chest.

This is mainly for logos of brands. Having your brand’s logo and named Leather Patch on a backpack is a great way to make it more arresting. Leather patches make sure your backpack does not tear, no matter how long it is used. For companies that want lifetime promotion, this is a wise and long time investment. Statistics reveal that items with well-thorough logos and branding sell more than items printed plainly.    

Some Final Words 

To bring your imagination and personality to life, look for a Digitizing Company that prioritizes it and gives importance to the quality you deserve. Here, Climax Digitizing always considers the vision of its clients in making leather patches and Embroidered patches for hats. You will have a lot of different choices to make in order to set your brand apart and be memorable. Choose our company, and we will definitely exceed your expectations.     

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