What Is A Chain Stitch Embroidery?

Chain Embroidery Stitch is one of the antique and most popular embroidery stitches. This stitch has been around for centuries. It can be an easy stitch for the curves or an awesome filler for a design. 

Chain Stitch was popular among Chinese people. They used this versatile needlepoint embroidery method and stitched it to decorate fine silks with appealing chain stitch embroidery designs. This stitch was used in the past to replace more secure stitches. It is a one-of-a-kind stitch that is looped together to create thick embroidery lines. 

The chain stitch is simple is easy to make. You can use all other chain stitch variations for motifs, filling, and outlines. If you want to make a small chain embroidery stitch font, you should decrease the chain stitch length.  

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9 Variations Of Chain Stitch Embroidery

The chain embroidery stitch is less versatile and takes less time to complete. The thick and textured chain loop embroidery stitch is ideal when you want to work around the edges or to fill up hand embroidery patterns. 

There are so many variations of chain embroidery stitch available. For this section, we have brought you variations of different Chain Embroidery Stitches. The best thing about these variations is that they scratch the surface, and you can include it in any of your embroidery ideas with ease. 

So, start exploring the following list.

Reverse chain stitch works contrary to basic chain stitch. For instance, if a basic chain stitch works from top to bottom, then the reverse chain stitch will work from bottom to top. This stitch variation is also called the broad chain stitch and is used in free Embroidery Designs.

The twisted chain stitch is used as a foundation for many combined stitches. It is excellent for curves, straight lines, seam treatments in quilting, and branches in all embroideries on canvas.

The twisted chain stitch also serves as a base for all other embroidery libraries and stitches. The barb on the twisted chain stitch can be conspicuous or not based on how far you enter the fabric. 

If you are new to Custom Chain Stitch Embroidery, then a detached chain stitch is the one you should go with. It is also popular as a tall chin stitch, daisy stitch, lazy daisy stitch, knotted knot stitch, and picot stitch.  

People often think that this chain stitch can be used to make only flowers, but that is not the case. You can also use this stitch to create all sorts of textures and patterns on the fabric. 

Double chain stitch is another basic version of chain stitch. In this stitch, two triangles are adjacent while interlocking each other. It works from bottom to top. The result of the double chain stitch looks more like an Open Feather Stitch. 

As the name suggests, this chain stitch has a cable connection between loops. It is one of the easiest members of the chain stitch family and works in a similar way to a basic chain stitch. This stitch is made by twisting threads in the chain stitches. You can use it on both plain and woven fabrics. You will absolutely enjoy working on Custom Chain Stitch Embroidery

Butterfly chain stitch is a more versatile variation of the chain stitch family. It is made by using straight stitches tied up together with a single chain stitch. This stitch can make decorative borders on different embroidery fabrics. Get ready to work on a simple yet fun chain stitch family. 

Another open chain stitch name is a ladder or square Stitch Embroidery. This stitch is useful for drawing two parallel lines. It keeps the ladder running in the appropriate direction while maintaining the space.

To make an open chain stitch, you need to start marking points on your line. “A” is your starting point, and the thread will be pushed from the bottom to the top of the fabric.

Now you will need to insert the needle into the fabric at point two and bring it out from point three. At this time, you will need to mark the fourth point just opposite the third point and then insert the needle.    

Bring out this needle from the fifth point, and you will complete the open chain stitch.

The zigzag chain stitch is easier to make as it is another version of a basic chain stitch. This stitch will give you an eye-catching effect. 

To draw a baseline, you will need to use a wipe-out marker to get zigzag stitches. Make your chain stitch loop at 45 degrees, pointing away from the line. Then insert your embroidery needle in the chain loop so you can make the second chain at 45 degrees.

Follow the same pattern and get a row of zigzag chain stitches.      

People are often scared to try Custom Chain Stitch Embroidery. This is because it uses lots of floss. If you want wonderful results, you should try hand embroidery chain stitch. It is the easiest stitch from the chain stitch family you will ever try.

The best thing about this stitch is that you can try it in any direction, depending on how you want to look on your Hand Embroidery Patterns.  

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